Wise Mind: Head & Heart

Wise mind takes place at the convergence of the heart and the head, emotion and reason, feelings and facts- yin and yang. Some of us might identify as being more heart-centred, while others of us might identify as being more up in our heads. Have you ever been told you’re too sensitive or emotional? Too rationale, too practical, or emotionally out of touch? Well my heady and heart-centred friends- the world needs you. We need the pulse of all you visionaries that point our eyes toward somewhere we have not yet been, and we need the pulse of all you pragmatists that make the journey possible by giving us somewhere to point from. As a collective, we cannot go anywhere new without believing in somewhere we cannot yet see, and we cannot go anywhere new without knowing the ground beneath our feet.

Of course, in reality, as living breathing humans, we all have a head and we all have a heart. Wise mind exists within each of us before it exists in collaborative relationship or within the greater collective. Yet, often we can forget our perfectly calibrated internal compass made up of that beautiful blend of knowing from both our head and our heart. Perhaps we internalize those messages that we’re too sensitive or too rationale (or too this or too that), and we doubt having access to our own intuitive knowing. But that voice of intuition, spoken through wise mind, is bigger and bolder than we give it credit for when we name it as our “quiet voice within”. When asked what we really desire, what we really want let go of, what we really want to say, what we really want to do, who we really want to be, we have- even, if only some- answers. More often, we’re afraid- or perhaps simply forget- to ask ourselves such questions. The noise of our screens, to-dos, externally defined expectations, or our unhelpful internalized beliefs (that only ever come from the projected pain of others) just deafen us to the voice of truth within us that speaks boldly, but calmly, and is readily available at our beckoning.  

That voice of wise mind within you is waiting for you to turn down the dial of the noise for a moment long enough to have a say in guiding your way today. Turning down the noise is a deliberate choice and a practice. And like any practice, you can begin again and again. Tune into your heart, but not with abandonment of thinking before you act, and tune into your head, but not with abandonment of moving into any action at all. The head of a wise mind reveals the how for putting one single step in front of the other while the heart of a wise mind leads the way in the direction of a meaningful why.

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