Some stories are linear, but more often they wind and curl. Mine certainly has. As a counselling therapist, yoga teacher, and writer, I found the way into my life’s work through unforeseeable challenges, stumbles and missteps, and an unrelenting curiosity through it all. 

The intent at the foundation of my work is to support others in accessing a greater sense of presence and spaciousness in mind, body, heart and soul–that is, in Being. I believe that true and sustainable wellness relies on the dynamic interplay of our needs across all of these parts of ourselves, and on our capacity to tune into them and respond adaptably. As much as we sometimes feel we have to figure our way through it all on our own, my hope is that my work can be a reminder–again and again–that we are inherently connected in the human experience, rather than alone.

While my personal experiences do serve and inform my practices as a therapist, yoga teacher, and writer as much as my academic and professional ones, the lens through which I work is one that respects and celebrates the unparalleled uniqueness and individuality of each personal story. As such, I continue to be as much a student of those that I reach in my work as I am a guide or teacher. 

Beyond work, I live with my loving partner and doggo on the beautiful South Shore of Nova Scotia surrounded by Nature, which is where I’ve felt the greatest space in my mind, body, heart and soul for as long as I can remember. 

Whether you’re here as a client, student, or reader, thank you. You are what lights me up with purpose, inspiration, and strength along my own journey that will, unquestionably, continue to wind and curl. 

With immense gratitude along the way,