Dear Body

Dear Body, 

First and foremost, thank you for carrying me through this world. You’ve waited a long time to receive some thanks for all that you do as a home for me. Actually, you’ve never even asked for any thanks at all. I wish I’d thanked you sooner. 

Thank you for your loyalty to me when you’re strong and when you’re vulnerable. Thank you for carrying me through days coloured by joy, connection, loneliness, shame, courage, curiosity, and all of the colours that days across a lifetime inevitably bring. Thank you for sticking with me when you’re well-rested and nourished, but also when you’re run-down and fuelled on short sleeps and a caffeine-dependence. 

You do the very best that you can, with a wisdom greater than my mind can know. You support me unconditionally, even when I don’t extend that same grace in return. Whether my thoughts toward you are kind or mean-spirited, your loyalty never wavers. Sometimes I fight you and sometimes I forget you all-together, but low and behold, there you still are. 

What an absurd idea that it took for you to give and grow an organ for me to finally appreciate your loyalty, wisdom, and resilience, and the home that you are for me. May you and all the bodies of the world be seen and remembered as the homes that you are for us in this lifetime, through both vitality and vulnerability. And may I make a point to extend some grace and gratitude your way more often.


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